Targa Trophy is and will always be about cars and driving - performance driving to be precise. We have built a brand and a culture that gives people an outlet to drive their favorite autos in a fun and challenging event format, while touching upon the best elements of automotive lifestyle. Targa Trophy has been fortunate over the years to be privy to experiencing some of the best automotive machinery known to man, along with countless tests/demos of the most current sports cars Europe, Japan and the Americas have to offer. Our authentic approach has allowed Targa Trophy to cater to an extremely diverse range of sports cars. At our events you will see entry level rides such as: highly modded STi's, EVO's and Mustang's, to the tricked out mid level M/AMG/RS type cars. Also, let's not forget the entire super-car gamut including: Carrera GT's, Veyron's and everything else in-between. This experience leads us to our next mission: create an original editorial series that doesn't just cover the performance aspects of these machines. That can be found from any other media outlet. Targa Trophy would like to introduce you to... 24 hrs. 24 hrs. is a new feature that is designed to give you a glimpse of what these fascinating machines (entry level to super-car) are all about. We will be giving you the real world perspective of what it's like to experience these automobiles from a lifestyle point of view. You will gain firsthand knowledge about these amazing vehicles and learn unique details that even some owners overlook. This is an inside view of what it's like to experience these cars and what life is like behind the wheel from the lifestyle perspective. We are starting things off by reviewing two of the most highly publicized supercars of 2012 - the Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale and the elusive McLaren MP4-12C. There are many more details to come but we'll save them for the premier release of this unique automotive editorial series. Stay tuned... the fun is just getting started... in 24 hrs.

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