Targa Trophy welcomes ClearPlex into the mix as an official sponsor of the Targa Trophy Holiday Cruise & Food Drive. ClearPlex is a new product designed to protect windshields for those people that enjoy driving their cars and want to keep their windshield and investment in tact. From rally drivers to track day junkies to just having some protection on the day to day commute, ClearPlex is your windshield protection solution from pitting, rock chips, cracked windshields and anything else that can get thrown your way while on the road. Here are some important details regarding ClearPlex for you to consider: - ClearPlex™ Invisible Windshield Protection Film® is sold in 40 Countries. - ClearPlex™ is Patented # US 7,992,917 B2 - ClearPlex™ is a 4 mil Film invented specifically for Windshield protection - ClearPlex™ is different from other types of Security Films: Invented specifically for Exterior application and is the most optically clear film on the market. Special Adhesive adheres tightly to windshield, can be removed easily at end of its useful life. Special “Scratch Resistant” hard coat which has been tested in the 18 tests found in Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 205. - 98% UV Protection - Manufacturer’s Warranty against defects of Film itself - ClearPlex™ Warranty on Windshield while ClearPlex™ is installed on Glass - The NHTSA has found that ClearPlex™ film does not violate any standard for optical clarity (Variable Light Transmission) on the windshield Be sure to check out their display on December 15th at Nick Alexander BMW and for more info go to http://www.clearplex.com/index.php and learn even more about their products.

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