402627_461670280520016_2108577536_n -TARGA TROPHY SPOTLIGHT- With over six years of events under Targa Trophy’s belt, we felt it was time to let our fans in on some key players in the game. Taking a deeper look at who our sponsors, entries & staff are behind the madness. Tapping into strategy, things you may not know & words of wisdom. We are fired up to introduce “Targa Trophy Spotlight.” Stay tuned for more interviews posted monthly. Name / Hometown: Mickey Andrade - San Diego, CA Position at HRE: Marketing/Motorsports Manager What is HRE all about? HRE Wheels is about manufacturing the finest forged wheels in the world right here in the USA. 297172_10151260517186698_2006059626_n What was your first car? My first car was 1988 Honda Civic hatchback – Hence my love for 80's & 90's Japanese cars. 664599_10100364557740466_132918404_o 477518_498831543470556_1168559671_o What do you drive now on the regular? I daily drive a number of vehicles. For the longer drives and moving stuff I have a Nissan Frontier, but for more spirited drives and fun I have a 1987 Toyota Corolla AE86 w/ Honda S2000 drivetrain with fully integrated electronics and a restored and modified right hand drive 1993 Honda Civic SiR-S. 411286_3663436593846_699235075_o What was the first Targa Trophy event you attended & what was most memorable? The first Targa Trophy event I attended was in the Bay Area. The most memorable however was the JDM vs. DTM event that began at HRE Wheels headquarters in 2012. I took my S2000 sourced F20C powered AE86 on that run and surprised quite a few entrants with it's "modern" capability. 622663_473116642708713_594634067_o If you could have any car to call your own what would that be? Mods or keep stock: Man, that's tough. Sometimes I think this changes daily. The ones that always strike me though are the Porsche 356 Speedster and Ferrari F40. I think I would really like to have a TruSpeed version of the 356 modified with my style for street use and or the Ferrari F40 strictly for track days. That would be AWESOME! Name a personal fact not many people know about you? I was a successful division 1 collegiate distance runner and I absolutely love to play Ice Hockey and have been doing so since I was 3 years old. 893510_10151520105381696_1883638521_o When your life isn't consumed with car related stuff what do you enjoy doing? Hanging with my girl doing fun stuff, staying fit, and playing Ice Hockey. 582786_526533950700315_2014276249_n What is your Targa Trophy strategy for winning events?  Winning at Targa Trophy means having fun and hooning a bit. It's not about finishing first to me. 577582_3663606198086_2002247476_n Are you more of a cool calm & collected driver or would you consider yourself a petal to the metal fast & furious type? I think that depends on the situation, but mostly calm and collected. 175008_471509079536136_1288302477_o What was your most recent ticket for? Speeding, Hahahaha! Words of advise for anyone looking to get into your industry? Get in on the ground level and work your ass off. This industry is so rewarding for those who are passionate and not afraid to put in work. 559198_4115729887860_817241382_n

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