GS3A9373 As 2013 continues to unfold, we are seeing the end of an era as the final naturally aspirated BMW M car closes out it's run to usher in the new forced induction platform of M cars. The BMW e92 M3 will forever go down as a classic M car for many reasons, especially because of the raucous V8 under the hood that screams to an amazing 8,400 rpm redline combined with one of the best sports car chassis to come out in the past 10 years. It's an amazing machine that must be driven to really appreciate all that is on offer behind the wheel. Recently, BMW Encinitas let us experience the M3 for ourselves in a very rare color - Java Green. This car also happened to be kitted out with some of the best options from the M Performace upgrade catalog including sport exhaust, multiple carbon fiber details, special edition alcantara steering wheel and competition package. Let's just say after a week of seat time in this machine, it's no wonder to see why this has been one of the most popular M3's of all time. Currently the e92 M3 has ceased production as they await the all new sedan M3 and coupe M4. We highly suggest, if you have ever wanted one of these cars, snap one up now, as this is destined to be a modern classic with a demand that will never stop due to the driving experience on tap. For now, enjoy our photo essay of one day behind the wheel of the unique Java Green M3 and if you have any desire to purchase one of these beasts - visit our friends over at BMW Encinitas and tell them Targa Trophy sent you. GS3A9385 GS3A9394 GS3A9249 GS3A9272 GS3A9285 GS3A9348 GS3A9362 GS3A9417 GS3A9425 GS3A9439 GS3A9442 GS3A9484 GS3A9495 GS3A9501 GS3A9511 GS3A9520 GS3A9528 GS3A9547 GS3A9553 GS3A9557 GS3A9563 GS3A9569 GS3A9579 GS3A9584 GS3A9591 GS3A9605 GS3A9641 GS3A9642 GS3A9644 GS3A9654 GS3A9656 GS3A9659 GS3A9664 GS3A9671 GS3A9673 ---- Car furnished by BMW Encinitas. Please visit www.bmwencinitas.com for more info. Ride Check – BMW E92 M3 – Photos by David Coyne

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