154917_10151145835922751_812615631_n -TARGA TROPHY SPOTLIGHT- With over six years of events under Targa Trophy’s belt, we felt it was time to let our fans in on some key players in the game. Taking a deeper look at who our sponsors, entries & staff are behind the madness. Tapping into strategy, things you may not know & words of wisdom. We are fired up to introduce “Targa Trophy Spotlight.” Stay tuned for more interviews posted monthly. Name / Hometown: Eric Dow / Diamond Bar, CA Current Occupation: Investments & Shameless Targa Trophy / b|b|i Autosport Promoter 185126_10151026490327751_1859378154_n What do you drive on the regular: My daily driver is a moderately modified '06 Subie, WRX STI, until out of nowhere a sofa ottoman came flying into the hood on the freeway one afternoon. So now im driving my bbi Autosport built Turbo S quite a bit. 253172_4365996945858_1681049030_n GS3A2587 Any modifications to the Turbo in the near future:  Hahaha... This car is a constant modification.  On the list in the near future... updating the tune, PDK tranny modification, differential upgrade, custom wide body, the list goes on! (FYI: BBI Autosports Project Grip is not Eric's Car. Some could call them siblings with their common looks). 564101_10151026479077751_1222480192_n What was the first Targa Trophy event you attended & what was most memorable: I believe my first Targa event was the New Years Eve rally in San Diego.  The entire event was just awesome!!! 396413_10150462991102751_1606631745_n 405105_3663393712774_597374129_n What is your Targa Trophy strategy for winning events: Hahaha... I'm never concerned with winning Targa.  All about hanging out with everyone and having a great time. (Photo: Best in show European make @ Experience Event Euro vs. JDM - LA to LV 2012). 285471_10151026491912751_1824924927_n 575008_10150678407752751_297538116_n If you could have any car to call your own what would that be - Mods or keep stock: If I can have any car right now, it would be a Pagani Huayra in gray, of course. Name a personal fact not many people know about you: I breed mutant pythons. 971259_10201091310382668_28188505_n Are you more of a cool calm & collected driver or would you consider yourself a petal to the metal fast & furious type: I would say I'm in between.  I do like to drive fast but under the right circumstances. GS3A2886 What was your most recent ticket for: ... Speeding, of course. 419633_10151234315777751_1905479290_n When your life isn't consumed with car related stuff what do you enjoy doing: I like to spend my time with family and friends. IMG_5697 931302_10201211277794148_1362498935_n 295309_10151359558627751_1350696078_n 546434_10151026490792751_752019929_n 431244_10151026491072751_1756213622_n

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