270627_10151024117897751_138575907_n -TARGA TROPHY SPOTLIGHT- With over six years of events under Targa Trophy’s belt, we felt it was time to let our fans in on some key players in the game. Taking a deeper look at who our sponsors, entries & staff are behind the madness. Tapping into strategy, things you may not know & words of wisdom. We are fired up to introduce “Targa Trophy Spotlight.” Stay tuned for more interviews posted monthly. Name & Hometown: Craig Neil / San Clemente, CA What is Wrap Works: Wrap Works is all about vinyl wraps. We specialize in matte color changes and paint protection film on high end vehicles, but we also do printed wraps and can do anything from a cargo van to an airplane. 557879_10151331097397751_337723502_n 379081_434384179958523_2002068678_n What was your first car: My first car was a 1987 Nissan Sentra hatchback. It won zero style points but it was all I could afford. It was a major upgrade from my 1972 Suzuki moped. What do you drive now on the regular: Now I usually drive my Wrap Works supercharged Tundra but I enjoy Targa Trophy rally's in my BMW M5. 598971_587418101269023_561880344_n GS3A2599-2 What was the first Targa Trophy event you attended & what was most memorable: The first Targa I ever attended was at the Roosevelt Hotel in LA, 2011. The most memorable for me was definitely last years California 1000 - I can't wait for 2013! 164411_10151482088122751_1305373759_n If you could have any car to call your own what would it be: If I could own any car, it would be a 2014, 991 Turbo S - matte wrapped & heavily modded by BBI Autosport. I know the car is not out yet but will be soon. Name a personal fact not many people know about you: A personal fact not many people know about me is that I also own and operate a cosmetics company - Ha! When your life isn't consumed with car related stuff what do you enjoy doing: I am usually busy with my two little girls and my beautiful wife. Nothing makes me happier than doing just about anything with my girls. 1057572_10200129218582048_1572938316_n What is your Targa Trophy strategy for winning events: My Targa strategy for winning events is to stay on course and not take extended breaks for food or bathroom stops. Are you more of a cool calm & collected driver or would you consider yourself a petal to the metal fast & furious type: I'm kind of a petal to the metal kind of guy. 486659_10151026483662751_1940485567_n What was your most recent ticket for: Most recent ticket was a 45 in a 35 in the Tundra, right next to my house issued by the motorcycle d!@k that is always at the same spot. Can't believe he finally got me. Words of advice for anyone looking to get into your industry: Don't do it. Haha! 181871_10151145828917751_396331944_n IF YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR A VEHICLE WRAP COMPANY THAT FOCUSES ON QUALITY PRODUCTS AND EXPERT INSTALLATION, LOOK NO FURTHER… WrapWorks is the spot for you! Check them out here & on Facebook: http://www.wrapworks.com/

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