253269_10151359563147751_501676872_n Formula Drift, Long Beach What an event! After meeting up and registering at TruSpeed Motorsports in Costa Mesa, Targa Trophy x Formula Drift Invasion entries hit the roads of Orange County en route to Long Beach. Following official Targa Trophy pace trucks the group made a grand track entrance, down Seaside way into the FD paddock area. The event was filled with old and new Targa participants. The roll in was viewed by thousands and Targa Trophy was definitely the big buzz during half time. Cars were quickly parked and open to the public for viewing. All teams quickly grabbed a bite to eat and claimed their territory in the official Targa Trophy VIP tent for viewing the round of 16 action. Besides being in the drivers seat yourself, Targa Trophy could claim the best seats in the house. Targa Trophy Invasion Long Beach was an epic event - we look forward to next year and all it has to offer! 942233_10151359546562751_1998435978_n 479867_10151359547432751_1411450813_n 9383_10151359548117751_1702500594_n 417842_10151359560497751_1205939513_n 944490_10151359557122751_1566406772_n 942953_10151379967677751_994919116_n 943216_10151379967927751_956047525_n 295367_10151359551012751_422055920_n 936949_10151359562752751_536243500_n 942894_10151359551992751_5239030_n 969318_10151379970482751_2000630182_n 528276_10151359564397751_1996469959_n 947312_10151359554272751_991717196_n 935090_10151359565162751_1512326649_n 936968_10151379971117751_1292327246_n See full albums on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/targatrophyofficial  

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