1003339_10151504973217751_1786097078_n -TARGA TROPHY SPOTLIGHT- With over six years of events under Targa Trophy’s belt, we felt it was time to let our fans in on some key players in the game. Taking a deeper look at who our sponsors, entries & staff are behind the madness. Tapping into strategy, things you may not know & words of wisdom. We are fired up to introduce “Targa Trophy Spotlight.” Stay tuned for more interviews posted monthly. Name / Hometown: Abe Daher / San Diego 529113_10151504972242751_1434951775_n Position at Konstrukt: Principal / Sales-Marketing What is Konstrukt Constructions values: We haven't grown so large, so indifferent, or so profit-oriented that we neglect to offer the professional service our customers expect. Konstrukt Design & Remodel ("KDR") is a full service general contractor proudly serving San Diego since 1973. We bring years of skill and experience to all facets of construction and building. We perform projects ranging from remodels (bathrooms, kitchens, additions, whole home, landscaping), custom homes, insurance restorations (fire, flood, property damage, 24 hour emergency response), to commercial tenant improvements. 228949_316953641741532_5509166_n Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KonstruktDesignandRemodel Official Site: http://Konstruktdesignandremodel.com 1208600_10151540295506256_1047692144_n What was your first car: 1987 Toyota Celica GT-s What do you drive now on the regular: 2003 Chevy 2500HD Duramax Diesel - The BMW M5 is my rally car. GS3A2229 What was the first Targa Trophy event you attended & what was most memorable: My first Targa event was Experience Event Orange County 2011 - My most memorable moment was just the overall camaraderie amongst the other drivers... it was an incredibly welcoming group. I went to my first event only knowing a handful of people and when it was over we had stomped all over Orange County. I met teams in the parking lot, on the road, at the stops, toll road booths, red lights, green lights (GO). After it was all said and done I pulled into the parking lot asking "WHEN'S the NEXT ONE" I was Hooked!  In the last 3 years I have only missed 2. 11738_10150836723567751_1471282671_n If you could have any car to call your own what would that be? - Mods or keep stock: A Black or Silver '04-'05 Porsche Carrera GT. MOD MOD MOD! I truly believe that the CGT is one of the best sounding cars ever made. I've always been a fan of V10's and the CGT is in a class all by itself. Name a personal fact not many people know about you: In 2002 I cut my right index finger off with a table-saw and as a result my finger does not straiten.. Most people don't notice till they ask for directions and I use my middle finger to point in the direction they need to go. I have to laugh most of the time because I don't notice that I'm doing it till their eyes bulge and I get this look like...Why are you flipping me off??? When your life isn't consumed with car related stuff what do you enjoy doing: My wife and I have 4 amazing daughters and a newborn son - That's 5 kids! Our lives are quite literally consumed with the day to day activities of raising our children. We enjoy taking them to the drive-in movies in our school bus (yup we have a school bus you may have seen at this years long beach Targa Trophy) We also enjoy camping, Disneyland, and road trips for no reason. 8612_381571991948081_63818268_n   970776_371260929645854_909328316_n   14081_10151340642247751_1115914825_n What is your Targa Trophy strategy for winning events:  A good co-pilot and I have the best (cue the sappy music) my wife, Cortney. Targa Trophy Experience Event #1 - Mo Satarzadeh 861699_10151285482966256_792818109_n   Are you more of a cool calm & collected driver or would you consider yourself a petal to the metal fast & furious type: I drive'm LIKE I STOLE IT! What was your most recent ticket for: TICKETS!? I don't get tickets! Mr Ticket makes sure of that. I can only tell you what I have NOT gotten a ticket for. hahaha (ask me when you see me) Words of advice for anyone looking to get into your industry: Go back to school! OR Buckle up! Because it's not easy... but I have found that for my family this occupation has allowed me the flexibility to be there for my Wife and kids. 285687_460201080690488_1334894570_n  

See you all at this years CALIFORNIA 1000 - Where Konstrukt is an official sponsor! 

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