One week ago, was a great example of what the Targa Trophy family is all about -- spontaneity, camaraderie, and a side of fast cars on canyon roads. _MG_5207.tt.ps.2400 I grabbed the young, ever controversial, up and coming photographer Charlie Davis in the Palisades for an impromptu shoot around the Malibu area. We headed north towards the famous rock at Point Mugu to shoot my new 991 GT3 and see what other kind of terrain we could get into. _MG_5176.tt.ps.2400 En route to our shoot destination, we let the sound of 9,000rpm sing to us every moment we could, leaving us giddy with appreciation of Porsche’s wizardry they have created with this new 3.8 liter flat 6. The last 500rpm on your way to 9000 create a sound and experience unlike any other engine on the market today. _MG_5289.tt.ps.2400 The day’s shoot went smoothly, as we captured some awesome images of the flawless Sapphire Blue color on the GT3. This made for the perfect color to contrast well with the mountain rocks, play off the sunset, and blend seamlessly into the ocean views. _MG_5022.tt.ps.2400 With the 4th Annual Targa Trophy German Car Festival fast approaching, Porsche seems to be the mark of the moment. Arguably one of the top So Cal events of the year, the German Car Festival draws some of the best cars around and an extremely large crowd eager to check out all the action. Held at the HRE Wheels HQ facility in Vista (San Diego), this venue makes for the perfect road rally starting grid, with ample space for the 145+ cars participating. There’s even a certain 918 Spyder rumored to make a second Targa Trophy appearance (those that know, know). _MG_5080.tt.ps.2400 Hopefully this editorial should give you a taste of the awesomeness to come at this years Targa Trophy German Car Festival, as well as a little teaser for another well anticipated Porsche GT coming this summer (hint hint, ends with a 4). Needless to say, excited is an understatement. _MG_5100.tt.ps.2400 Story by Eli Kogan Photos by Charlie Davis – https://www.flickr.com/photos/chazzz15

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