Targa Trophy, the original So Cal automotive lifestyle brand, welcomes you to the 2nd Annual Targa Trophy - MEGARUN - Triple Crown Special Event. A 3 stage, 1000+ mile journey of Colorado, Utah and Nevada that will be a driving and lifestyle odyssey unlike any other... Welcome to MEGARUN! Targa Trophy - MegaRun 2014 The premiere Targa Trophy MEGARUN Special Event (2014) was a life changing experience. The combination of the best cars, people, roads, destinations, driving adventure and lifestyle fun came together to truly blow minds and make this the pinnacle Targa Trophy event of the year! The end result captured in the form of the MEGARUN short film by eGarage that showed the world what Targa Trophy and real driving adventure is all about to the tune of 700,000+ combined views between You Tube & Facebook distribution. Targa Trophy - MegaRun 2014 Now for 2015 we are going a step further... Denver, Aspen, Park City and Las Vegas are the select destinations for this years MEGARUN adventure during event dates September 16th through 19th! We are upping the anti across the board, from driving the best roads the region has to offer, traveling to high profile hotel destinations, participating in some of the most unique lifestyle activations we have ever produced combined with a finale extravaganza you can only pull off in a city like Las Vegas! And, oh yes, a completely new MEGARUN film concept that will blow minds and take the mystique of this event a step further! Targa Trophy - MegaRun 2014 This years MEGARUN will be yet another piece of automotive, lifestyle and Targa Trophy history. Now it’s time for you to prepare and join us for this one-of-a-kind automotive lifestyle adventure… If you feel like you are ready to take on the MEGARUN odyssey - fill out the form below and we will contact you with full event details and registration procedure. [ninja_forms id=65] [videoyt youtubeid="xWqOMm22gXg"]

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